Where is the world's biggest clock tower found?

 Where is the world's biggest clock tower found?

Makkah Clock Tower 

The Makkah Royal Clock Tower is the most prominent clock tower on the planet. It is situated at the focal point of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and is situated before the biggest mosque on the planet, the Grand Mosque. It is essential that the Makkah Clock Tower is the third tallest structure on the planet, arriving at a level of 601 meters,  for all intents and purposes among a gathering of high rises adjoining the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia. 

Makkah Tower Clock

 The Makkah Clock Tower is recognized by the tremendous clock that is situated on the four sides of the pinnacle. These timekeepers are lit around evening time by 1,000,000 light-producing diodes (LEDs), and on its northern and southern sides, there is the expression (God is Greatest). Interestingly, the eastern and western sides of the pinnacle are finished with the honorable Qur'anic sections,  The elements of this watch are 43 meters, which is multiple times bigger than the London Big Ben. 

 General data about the Mecca Clock Tower 

  • The Mecca Clock Tower is called Abraj Al-Bait. 
  • The pinnacle is situated on an area of 1.5 million square meters, comparable to the area of Dubai Airport Terminal , which is the biggest structure on the planet region.
  •  Its development was finished in 2012 AD; It was planned and worked by the Saudi Bin Laden Group and the participation of various Saudi and worldwide organizations the development. 
  • The expense of building the pinnacle added up to 3 billion bucks. 
  • Abraj Al Bait contains seven high rises. 
  •  The huge clock in the pinnacle is valuable for giving the current time and is a public milestone. 
  •  It is critical that this pinnacle was worked as an administration drive to modernize the city and address the issues of the pioneers.  
  • It is imperative that the German planner Mahmoud Bodo Rach planned the clock face of the pinnacle. 
  • The huge complex of the pinnacle comprises condos, lodgings, a meeting community, an enormous petitioning God room, a five-story shopping center, a gallery, and a lunar perception place. 

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