Luke Rockhold rubs his BLOOD on the face of opponent Paulo Costa during their gruelling UFC 278 fight - before the 37-year-old veteran hints at retirement after his defeat and concedes: 'I'm f***ing old'

  • American rubs blood on the substance of his Brazilian rival prior to being crushed
  • Luke Rockhold nailed the Paulo Costa down and did the strange trick
  • Rockhold announced after the battle that he was 'old' and wouldn't battle once more

Luke Rockhold was seen focusing on blood on the essence of Paulo Costa his loss to the Brazilian at UFC 278.

The American was beaten by the Brazilian in a holding challenge prior to seeming to affirm that he wouldn't step once more into the octagon at any point in the future.
During the fascinating battle, Rockhold had Costa nailed down on the peddle and tossed the odd trick.

Luke Rockhold rubbed blood on the face of Paulo Costa in an engrossing bout at UFC 278

The pundit for the session can be heard calling the trick 'amusing' prior to portraying it as 'wound' and saying that it is 'so Luke Rockhold'.

The two contenders traded weighty blows in the beginning phases of the battle with fans treated to a classic session between two of UFC's most appealing warriors.

With blood pouring from his face, Rockhold made a move to pull the trick. Costa, peculiarly maybe, didn't appear to be excessively annoyed as he seemed to smile while lying on the peddle.
The middleweight Costa capitalised on the tiredness of his opponent as he claimed the win

Rockhold in the long run proceeded to be beaten by Costa as the American tired late into the battle and couldn't land blows.

Costa's success was granted collectively by the appointed authorities.

In the interim, Rockhold seemed to affirm after the session that he wouldn't step once more into the octagon once more.

The American was battling without precedent for three years and said after the session that he was too old to ever be battling and that this present time was his opportunity to step away.

Rockhold seemed to affirm after the battle that he would be resigning from the game

'I've had to deal with such a lot of the most recent couple of years. Much obliged to you UFC. I cant do this any longer. I did my absolute best with it, yet I'm old,' he said.

Costa lauded Rockhold for having a strong 'jawline' after the battle, saying that the individuals who question his capacity to ride with the punches underrate him.

'He astounded me with his jawline," Costa said. 'He had a great deal of imaginative chances on the face, on the jaw. Individuals say he doesn't have a decent jawline yet he does.'

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