Wordle 426: Hints - and the answer - for today’s word puzzle (8/19/22)

Wordle has turned into an overall peculiarity, with a large number of individuals playing the online brainteaser consistently.

The reason is very straightforward. The web-based puzzle revives day to day, so consistently Wordle players should figure a five-letter word utilizing a variety coded framework that shows that they are so near finding the right solution.

On the off chance that you haven't attempted it yet, you can do as such here.

At the point when a letter is in the right position it will become green. Any letters that are in the word however have been put in some unacceptable position will become yellow. Letters that aren't in the word will go dark. The thought is to figure the word in six attempts or less.


Josh Wardle initially made the internet based puzzle for his accomplice, Palak Shah, yet it before long overwhelmed the world.

Wardle initially started chipping away at the game in 2013, and finished it during the COVID pandemic. He delivered the game to the general population in October 2021.

It turned out to be such a peculiarity that The New York Times Company purchased Wordle from its maker in January 2022 for a seven-figure total.

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